certified integral coach + leadership trainer


What is integral coaching?

“Integral” means inclusive of everything; whole, entire, complete. So, deep at its root, Integral Coaching refers to a way of supporting individuals to discover and own their personal potential, to deepen into already existing emotional, cognitive and somatic resources, to relate more meaningfully with themselves, others, and the world. This includes harnessing one's self-care, compassion, wisdom, intuition, and mindful awareness. Working in this way enables:

  • Long-term competence and fulfillment

  • Capacity to self-correct when we notice gaps between what we intend and actual outcomes

  • Ability to continuously renew ourselves as we face into life's changes and challenges

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About Mariana

Mariana received her Integral Coaching certification from New Ventures West in San Francisco, California. In the belief that inner and outer landscapes are one, she is committed to helping individuals reclaim territories of peace within themselves, so that people and nature may thrive in wholeness.


I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may never complete this last one, but I give myself to it. 

— Rainer Maria Rilke