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About Mariana Vélez —

Mariana Vélez brings ten years of experience in the non-profit and public sectors catalyzing socio-environmental sustainability through leadership coaching, multi-stakeholder facilitation and network weaving.

Mariana is a certified Integral Coach from New Ventures West in San Francisco, California. In the belief that inner and outer landscapes are one, she is committed to helping individuals reclaim territories of peace within themselves, to reflect it to others. Her coaching approach supports clients in developing emotional, conversational and relational capacity to bring their vision and grounded leadership more fully into the world. Because of her professional trajectory she is particularly inspired to support social and environmental innovators and teams become more resourced at protecting people and nature. Her experience facilitating cross-sectoral leadership networks enables her to support teams towards clarity of purpose, trust-based partnership and generous collaboration.

She currently works at The Nature Conservancy, strengthening leadership networks around indigenous and community-based conservation, and serves as mentor in the Professional Coaching Certification Program in New Ventures West and in the Byron Fellowship. Her professional trajectory has encompassed working in the United Nations Development Program, in Mexico City’s Human Rights Commission, and as independent consultant for sustainability strategy. Mariana is a Fulbright-Garcia Robles Scholar with an MS in Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan and holds a BA in International Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.

Mariana lives in Mérida, Yucatán, México with her husband Pablo. Having lived in Mexico, Panama, Ecuador and the United States, her strong multicultural background supports her coaching and leadership style, which is constantly enriched by her commitment to diversity. She coaches in English and Spanish, in-person or virtually. Mariana nourishes her inner landscapes by practicing meditation, swimming and yoga, by reading novels and by resting into the restoration of nature. She explores and communicates her vision of wholeness through stories that can help communities deepen into acceptance of things as they are and open into a collective vision of the things they desire.

Mariana Vélez | Integral Coach
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It is not humankind after all, nor is it culture that limits us. It is the vastness we do not enter. It is the stars we do not let own us."

-Simon Ortiz
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